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Food Waste Disposers
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InSinkErator food waste disposers are....

Quiet - Clean - Hygenic - Convenient - Enviromentally freindly - Powerfull - Easy to install

Legendary Performance
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Put garbage in its proper place
No matter where you keep your kitchen garbage can, getting rid of food waste can be a messy, smelly chore. What's more, bagged garbage can attract animals and insects, and create unsanitary conditions around your home.

With an InSinkErator® food waste disposer in your kitchen, chicken bones, fruit rinds, coffee grounds and more can go right in the sink - where they're virtually liquefied to safely flow into your sewage system or septic tank. You'll enjoy a cleaner food preparation area, and much less bagged garbage cluttering your home.

What´s more, if you've never owned a food waste disposer, you're in for a pleasant surprise. InSinkErator® disposers are economical to operate: in fact, they're among the least expensive installed kitchen appliances.

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Why choose InSinkErator?
Simple. InSinkErator® garbage disposals and hot water dispensers are the brand of choice.

Whose choice? The professional's choice. In fact, InSinkErator® is the choice of 9 out of 10 plumbing professionals.

Why? Because of our commitment to quality, service, performance and reliability. And something more. Our products are the easiest to install, provide greater peace of mind.

And at InSinkErator®, we believe that every product that bears our name must deliver a promise, an expectation, and a solution.

A promise that our products will deliver the benefits advertised. An expectation that our products will consistently exceed customer expectations. And a solution that will make your life in the kitchen more efficient, comfortable and relaxing.

Why choose InSinkErator®? Because you can be sure that every product that bears our name will promise and deliver legendary performance and superior reliability.

Is it good for the envirinment ?
A World of Good for the Environment

By putting an InSinkErator® disposer in your kitchen, you're doing your part to help reduce a growing problem. That's because when food waste is dumped in landfills, bacteria andother harmful organisms can seep into the ground and contaminate our water.

With an InSinkErator® disposer, food waste is grounded into fine particles and safely flushed into your sewage system. Decades of scientific studies have shown this to be a soundecological alternative. At wastewater treatment facilities, the food waste can be converted into useful energy, or recycled into agricultural fertilizer.

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