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Rubbish Compactors
Say goodbye to bulky, space-consuming rubbish with a Broan rubbish compactor. It can compact up to a week's worth of your family's garbage to 25% of the original volume - all into one small plastic bag. Available either free-standing or installed under a counter top.

Why Have a Compactor ?
Empty bottles, cartons and cans can take up as much room as full ones. A Broan Rubbish Compactor compresses paper, cardboard, plastic, glass, aluminum, tin and more to a manageable 25% of the original volume.

It can quickly reduce a week's worth of rubbish for a typical family of four into one compact, easy-to-carry bundle, saving you trips to the dustbin.

Simply put rubbish into the compactor bag, close the drawer and switch on. The compactor automatically stops when the cycle is completed. A swing-away door lets you remove the bag easily without awkward lifting.

The compactor is only 31 cm wide, and designed to fit under standard kitchen worktops. It can also be used as a free-standing appliance.

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