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SILENTMASTER Central Vacuum systems

The ultimate home appliance
Silence is Golden
SilentMaster is the result of nearly 50 years of experiance in the design and manufacturing of central vacuum systems. This singular commitment to the central vaccum industry has produced the patented, innovative characteristics of the SilenMaster which has led the quest for quiet operation.

A central vacuum system for your home is one of the best investments you can make to ensure your home is a healthier place to live and the incredible cleaning power will ensure that carpets and furnishings last longer.

The SilentMaster is Proudly Built in the USA by MD Manufacturing

A SilentMaster central vacuum system is easily installed during construction and in most cases can be retrofitted to existing homes and offices.

More affordable than you think , a SilentMaster central vacuum system is the the new necessity for a healhty home.

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The Hidden Truth
With the ability to clean homes up to 1800m2 quietly, the true benefit of SilentMaster has yet to be told. That is because every time you vacuum with an MD SilentMaster Central Vacuum, the number of dust particles decrease in the air you breathe.
MD SilentMaster users live healthier lives and live in cleaner homes than those who do not use a central vacuum. MD's HyperFlow filtration traps 99% of all dirty air that passes through a SilentMaster, exhausting safe air that won't spoil its surroundings in the garage or basement. That's the power of SilentMaster.

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