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We are authorized dealers for Breezair evaporative coolers. With over 25 years experiance we can design and install an evapoartive cooling solution for your home or business.
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How Evaporative cooling works.

Evaporative cooling takes place when water and warm air converge. The simple process of evaporation cools the air.

The healthy advantage

Evaporative cooling is an economical and remarkably efficient way to cool a large area such as your home or business.

Doors and windows are kept open-and they actually contribute to the cooling efficiency. The result, 100% fresh air, with no recirculated fumes, germs, or odors.

Even better, as the surrounding temperature rises, the cooler it becomes inside - and the benefits don't stop there.

How do Breezair evaporative coolers operate?

All Breezair coolers contain large Chilcel ™ or aspen fibre cooling pads. When the cooler is operating the media is kept consistently wet. The quiet, powerful fan in the Breezair cooler draws hot, ambient air into the water-soaked pads. The water absorbs much of the heat through the natural evaporation process - resulting in a cool refreshing breeze.

The combination of a reduced temperature and constant air flow produces a more comfortable environment - at work or at home.

Keep your cool - as you keep your electricity bills down.

A Breezair evaporative cooling system can use up to 90% less energy than conventional air conditioning. That contributes to a tremendous saving on your monthly summer cooling bills!

The advantage to the environment are obvious with this green, environmentally conscious alternative
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Breezair TBA Cooler

The latest Breezair model range is the Breezair® Icon® Series. The Breezair Icon is available in a range of different colours, and sizes to suit any household or light industrial application. Please read on to see just how advanced the Breezair Icon actually is.

Hushpower® has arrived!
Introducing the Breezair Icon Series. The World's Quietest and the World's Most Efficient whole of home evaporative air conditioning system.
Worlds Quietest
A super efficient Hushpower motor is integrated with an ultra quiet centrifugal fan, making the Icon Series the quietest air conditioner on the market.

Unsurpassed Efficiency
A world first, the Icon's state-of-the-art motor takes the centrifugal fan to new levels, reducing energy use to about 1/3 of a conventional motor. This means that compared to other evaporative air conditioners, the super efficient Icon Series will cut your running costs to less than half that of a conventional evaporative air conditioner. That means power usage reduces to about 10% of a power-hungry reverse-cycle system.
The benefits of both fan and motor combined with advanced electronic controls, manage and monitor the motor to ensure the system runs at optimum efficiency at all times. It is so smart, it even adjusts the motor speed automatically to cope with different ducting systems and back pressures. All this results in super silent operation that leaves all other air conditioners far behind.

Summary of Features
Apart from the incredibly efficient fan and motor system, Breezair Coolers have many special features that set us apart from our competitors.

Super Thick ChillCel® Pads
Breezair Coolers feature special ChillCel pads at least 90mm thick for maximum evaporation and cooling. We manufacture our own pads and match them perfectly to each cooler model for optimum efficiency.
Superior Water Distributor
Breezair's water distributor is engineered to provide an even and continuous water flow to the ChillCel pads, without ever clogging. This means greater reliability and no maintenance.
Clever SensorTouch® Control
Breezair airconditioners feature as standard the new SensorTouch wall controller, for simple to understand and simple to use climate control.

An advanced electronic brain, that ingeniously monitors water quality for impurities that could limit the efficiency of your cooling, and automatically makes adjustments to keep your system clean. Your cooling is more efficient, your ChillCel pads will last longer and you'll use less water, too.
Clean & Dry Function
If you don't use your Breezair it automatically drains water away leaving it clean and dry. No algae growth in your tank and no need to climb on the roof to drain your cooler at the end of each summer. This applies to units fitted with a Harmony or Horizon control system.
A clever automatic damper system that assists in reducing draughts and dust and the need for you to climb on the roof to fit or remove unsightly winter covers. As an added advantage, Breezair's AUTOWeatherseal helps reduce winter heating costs by keeping warm air inside.

Choice of different colour cabinates to suit most roofs.
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